Going to the Movies

You’re standing in line, staring up at the list of times displayed on the board, you know what you’re seeing but you still want to know what else is playing because chances are you’ll be back soon. The smell of popcorn and nacho cheese fills your nostrils as you decide “Snow Caps or Rasinets? Root Beer or Coke?” You see a family of four dashing into the latest Disney film and remember going to see your first movie.

What is it about going to the movies that we love? Is it the huge screen? The booming sound of the special effects? Is it the memory of going to the movies with a girl for the first time? The tradition of going with an Uncle or a parent? Truth to be told it is probably a combination of all of these reasons and then some.

There’s a certain exclusivity involved in seeing the new, must-see film the day it opens. You’re part of the club and can confidently answer yes when your coworker or friends ask “Have you seen…?” You can have a conversation about your favorite parts, quote the movie, and enjoy the camaraderie of having seen it. Seeing the movie is a great icebreaker in other social settings and can help conversations flow with people you’ve just met.

It also makes the Oscars more enjoyable when you can have an opinion on the nominees and winners!

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