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Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 08:29
Video can elicit emotion and show your audience exactly what you’re saying. For example, if your product helps create a whiter smile for your customers, then show a video of a healthy, happy woman with a radiant smile. That imagery, even if you never mention toothpaste or a smile at all, will accomplish more in a moment than you could in twenty pages of text: belief, trust, proof. If your service can give people the kitchen of their dreams, an in-depth video tour of one or several of your finished kitchens will get your audience’s imagination going. They’ll see it and want it. A video will establish a deep emotional connection. Video engages sight and hearing, while still leaving some things up to the imagination. In our first example, your viewer will see and hear the woman with the great smile, but even more important is the fact that she will imagine her future self with an abundance of confidence, achieving great things in her life and career. A video makes your viewer think about what you can do for them, which after all, is all that matters.
Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 10:41
You’re standing in line, staring up at the list of times displayed on the board, you know what you’re seeing but you still want to know what else is playing because chances are you’ll be back soon. The smell of popcorn and nacho cheese fills your nostrils as you decide “Snow Caps or Rasinets? Root Beer or Coke?” You see a family of four dashing into the latest Disney film and remember going to see your first movie. What is it about going to the movies that we love? Is it the huge screen? The booming sound of the special effects? Is it the memory of going to the movies with a girl for the first time? The tradition of going with an Uncle or a parent? Truth to be told it is probably a combination of all of these reasons and then some. There’s a certain exclusivity involved in seeing the new, must-see film the day it opens. You’re part of the club and can confidently answer yes when your coworker or friends ask “Have you seen…?” You can have a conversation about your favorite parts, quote the movie, and enjoy the camaraderie of having seen it. Seeing the movie is a great icebreaker in other social settings and can help conversations flow with people you’ve just met. It also makes the Oscars more enjoyable when you can have an opinion on the nominees and winners!
Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 12:34
A documentary, feature length or short, is a great way to educate your audience in further detail about your organization, your cause, or a topic that they care about. There are documentaries that raise awareness about a social injustice, corporate wrongdoing, environmental concerns, and many other topics. There are others that chronicle the life and work of musicians, actors, filmmakers, athletes. What makes a documentary powerful is the depth with which you can address the relevant points and the level of detail. Documentaries, like feature films, use many different emotions to reach their audience; humor, grief, joy, and fear. Super Size Me took an outside the box approach to demonstrating the hazards of eating fast food and helped spur a healthy eating trend in America. The Cove used jarring imagery of dolphins being slaughtered, images that viewers had a hard time forgetting. What they all had in common was that they used story to connect to their audience. Whether your organization is helping people combat addiction issues, helping to shelter the homeless, or to educate children and set them on the path to college and success, Ripples in the Pond will use your powerful story to connect you and your audience.
Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 09:48
There’s a reason we all love movies.When done right they leave a lasting impression on us for the rest of our lives. They transport us to another dimension, another world, with a different set of rules. They transport us to a world where anything is possible. Movies allow us to daydream, fantasize, and use our imaginations. They entertain us and make us laugh, cry, scream, and cheer. Special effects dazzle us and dialogue makes us feel like we know the characters on screen. We will always remember who were with and where we were the first time we watched Star Wars or the first time we saw The Godfather. Many people in their 20s and 30s remember seeing Jurassic Park as a kid, which led us all, over twenty years later, to flock to the theaters in droves to see Jurassic World. The connection was that strong. Our favorite movies can be watched over and over again, with the same enjoyment. Because a well made movie is an experience. Eliciting emotions in the viewer that make it feel real! Seeing the classics is a social rite of passage in and of itself, being able to talk about scenes with your friends. And nothing has the same effect as a well timed, relevant movie quote! Some films even inspire others to pursue a career in film! For me, that was Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. What movies inspire you?
Thursday, August 13, 2015 - 09:34
Archbishop Carroll President, Frank Fox, came to us with the goal of showcasing the innovative things happening at their school. What started as a single promotional video soon morphed into a series as we discussed the direction of the video. Archbishop Carroll is a diverse, multi-faceted school and each element needed its own video to tell the full story. Each element of the Carroll Discovery Series, whether it’s academics, campus ministry, athletics, or student life, unpacks all the ways Carroll is serving its students. The depth of storytelling in each video helps build powerful connections with prospective parents and prospective students. We walked the viewer through all the exciting features that would ensure their child will get the best education possible, will be nurtured and given every opportunity to thrive, and will do so in a fun and faith filled environment. What made the CDS so powerful is that we worked closely with the administration at Carroll because they know their story better than anyone. We helped them craft that story and tell it in a way that was visually and emotionally compelling. Please check out the Carroll Discovery Series today to see what kind of Ripple Effect we can have on your school!.
Thursday, August 6, 2015 - 10:31
Everybody has that uncle or grandpa who loves to tell stories at every family reunion; he'll tell compelling stories from back in his day about the cost of bread and milk, riveting war stories from Vietnam or WWII, or the story about how he met your grandma and fell in love with her (the one you heard a million times since you were a kid but you still love it anyway). If you notice your grandpa's story, the reason it's so compelling is because he makes you care. He makes you feel like you're the one storming the beach at Normandy or walking a mile and a half to school. He leaves nothing out but he doesn't include anything unnecessary. He shocks you with details, he builds suspense, he paints a mental image of what a beauty your grandma was at 22 years so you can picture her curls or her dress or the old Ford he picked her up in. Your grandpa, is a great storyteller. All your favorite movies, commercials, books, and tv shows are the result of great storytelling. And at the heart of your school, business, organization, or cause is a great story. The Ripples in the Pond process is centered around drilling down on that story and what makes it great, then finding the best way to tell it. Your story is the foundation upon which we build your audience. Learn more about the art of storytelling from one of the best in the business: Pixar's Andy Stanton . Let us tell your story.
Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 12:10
Ripples in the Pond Productions recognizes the fact that your success and ours go hand in hand. We become emotionally invested in your story and it shows in the work we do for you. We really take the time to get to know you and your story. We help you drill down on exactly what makes your brand/company so unique and compelling. The result? A powerful, thoughtful video that makes your audience care as much as you do. We present every facet of your story thoroughly and accurately by working closely with you to determine points of emphasis and what points will resonate with your target audience. By starting with the target audience in mind we are able to convey the messages that will inspire action in them, whether that is to buy your product, send their child to your school, or donate to your cause. Ripples in the Pond Productions will tell your story. And tell it well.
Sunday, July 19, 2015 - 11:47
If you read our Philosophy on the main page, you know that our name came from a philosophy our founder and CEO, John Mullany, has adopted in life and business. As a result we've made it our mission to help great brands, organizations, schools and businesses create ripple effects in their industries. Ripple effects can mean any number of things. To us, it means creating amazing video content that people will watch and share. It means cutting through the noise and telling a story that will resonate with your audience. For schools it can mean streamlining the admissions process, offering best in class academic curriculum, fielding competitive athletic teams and maintaining a state of the art campus. For businesses it can mean offering cutting edge products that solve real problems in the lives of their customers. For nonprofits it can mean making a real difference in the causes at the root of their mission. Whatever a ripple effect is for you, you can count on Ripples in the Pond to tell that story, professionally and effectively. See our Services page to find out how!

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