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What We Do

Ripples in the Pond will write, direct, and shoot creative and engaging videos for your business or organization that will send ripples through your industry and through your customer base.

Check out our great work and services we can provide for you here on our website. Our team of professionals can answer any questions you may have so don't hesitate and contact us to start the ripple effect!

Our Philosophy

What happens when you throw a rock into a tranquil lake? Ripples jet out from the spot of impact. What happens if you throw another one? More ripples that clash with those from the first rock.

Founder and CEO, John Mullany, has adopted this as a personal philosophy and a way of life, personally and professionally. Our actions have consequences that impact our family, our friends, our communities, and our world.

Services We Provide

We Provide Video Production Services Throughout the Philadelphia Region

We are committed to telling stories that evoke emotions. Whether it’s introducing a new product, a shared passion for your cause or celebrating your community, we bring your vision to reality, on time and on budget.

Documentaries are a great medium for telling an in-depth story and taking your relationship with your customers, fans, and audience even further,... + continue reading

Think about your favorite commercial. It tells the story of that brand or product. It elicits emotion from the viewer and highlights the defining... + continue reading

Ripples in the Pond can provide valuable guidance on all aspects of productions, big or small. These consultations are intended to offer guidance... + continue reading

Demonstrate your expertise, knowledge, and value to your customers through videos that provide useful information and relevant how-to tutorials.... + continue reading

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us anytime to find out how Ripples in the Pond can help you with producing a first class video.

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