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John Mullany

John Mullany Founder, CEO

John Mullany is a director, writer and producer based out of Phoenixville, PA and is the CEO of Ripples in The Pond Productions. With an MA in Theatre from Villanova University, John believes in the power of storytelling. Ripples in the Pond has produced documentaries, promotional video campaigns, and reality television projects. John's longterm goal for his company is to develop feature films and partner with other production outfits that are seeking to make an impact on the motion picture industry."

Rob Jennings

Rob Jennings Videographer

Rob Jennings brings a wealth of experience and skill to the Ripples team, along with a BA in Communications from Villanova University.

He is involved in every step of the way through camera operation on set to color correction. Rob is currently working on a documentary in partnership with a group Mothers in Charge. Rob has cofounded Chennault Productions where he is working on an original web series entitled Oldhead.

Rob sees himself thriving as a director of photography for TV or advertising.

Ask Rob about his dream project and his answer is clear: working with Paul Thomas Anderson on anything.

Sam Nuttle

Sam Nuttle Sound Engineer

A self-taught sound expert, Sam brings diverse experience to the Ripples team. Sam’s curiosity and ambition lead him to a wide array of projects and have earned him the skills that make him so valuable: Live sound reinforcement, location recording, studio recording, dialogue editing, and sound design. Currently, he is sharpening his skills in post production on a feature film he worked on in the summer of 2014 called Lost Creek. Sam is also a member of a Philly based collective called Out of Town Films, which shoots live performance based music videos.

Sam hopes to parlay his sound expertise into a career in documentaries and commercials for large media organizations, such as, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, or large sports media. His love of travel and his skills in location recording will make him a great fit.

More of Sam’s work can be found at samnuttlesound.com

Dave DeLizza

Dave DeLizza Multimedia Specialist

While studying Music Composition at University of the Arts (grad 2005), Dave became incredibly fascinated with making music for animation and other multimedia projects. When tasked with laying in a whole soundtrack for a student project, he quickly realized he was at home in the world of production and post production sound. What followed was a love of the entire process of editing both sound and picture, writing, and even shooting. Dave has worked on various shorts, films, animations, commercial projects, and games on both the production and post side.

David tries to keep his brain matter from turning to goo by teaching both private music lessons and also Sound Communication at Rowan University, consuming a seemingly endless pile of tutorial text and video, and learning new skills. When not recording metal scraping on the grate of his fireplace or gaff taped to the editing chair, David enjoys cooking, practicing instruments, and spending time with his wife and 1.5 year old, who is also obsessed with making absurd sounds with household objects.

Darryl Ridgeway

Darryl Ridgeway Producer

Darryl Ridgeway currently is Producer at Ekiah Productions. He has created original content in various platforms such as Feature Film, Documentary Film, Commercials and Music videos. His previous experience includes over 20 years in corporate America selling, negotiating and closing deals in various sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications and Real Estate. Darryl also sits on the Media Film Festival Board and is the co-creator and program Director of Media Youth Film Initiative (M.Y.F.I) which teaches high school students how to write, shoot and edit film.

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