Video Versus Text

Video can elicit emotion and show your audience exactly what you’re saying.

For example, if your product helps create a whiter smile for your customers, then show a video of a healthy, happy woman with a radiant smile. That imagery, even if you never mention toothpaste or a smile at all, will accomplish more in a moment than you could in twenty pages of text: belief, trust, proof.

If your service can give people the kitchen of their dreams, an in-depth video tour of one or several of your finished kitchens will get your audience’s imagination going. They’ll see it and want it. A video will establish a deep emotional connection.

Video engages sight and hearing, while still leaving some things up to the imagination. In our first example, your viewer will see and hear the woman with the great smile, but even more important is the fact that she will imagine her future self with an abundance of confidence, achieving great things in her life and career.

A video makes your viewer think about what you can do for them, which after all, is all that matters.

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