The Carroll Discovery Series

Archbishop Carroll President, Frank Fox, came to us with the goal of showcasing the innovative things happening at their school. What started as a single promotional video soon morphed into a series as we discussed the direction of the video. Archbishop Carroll is a diverse, multi-faceted school and each element needed its own video to tell the full story. Each element of the Carroll Discovery Series, whether it’s academics, campus ministry, athletics, or student life, unpacks all the ways Carroll is serving its students. The depth of storytelling in each video helps build powerful connections with prospective parents and prospective students. We walked the viewer through all the exciting features that would ensure their child will get the best education possible, will be nurtured and given every opportunity to thrive, and will do so in a fun and faith filled environment. What made the CDS so powerful is that we worked closely with the administration at Carroll because they know their story better than anyone. We helped them craft that story and tell it in a way that was visually and emotionally compelling.

Please check out the Carroll Discovery Series today to see what kind of Ripple Effect we can have on your school!.

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