The Power of Documentary

A documentary, feature length or short, is a great way to educate your audience in further detail about your organization, your cause, or a topic that they care about. There are documentaries that raise awareness about a social injustice, corporate wrongdoing, environmental concerns, and many other topics. There are others that chronicle the life and work of musicians, actors, filmmakers, athletes. What makes a documentary powerful is the depth with which you can address the relevant points and the level of detail.

Documentaries, like feature films, use many different emotions to reach their audience; humor, grief, joy, and fear. Super Size Me took an outside the box approach to demonstrating the hazards of eating fast food and helped spur a healthy eating trend in America. The Cove used jarring imagery of dolphins being slaughtered, images that viewers had a hard time forgetting. What they all had in common was that they used story to connect to their audience.

Whether your organization is helping people combat addiction issues, helping to shelter the homeless, or to educate children and set them on the path to college and success, Ripples in the Pond will use your powerful story to connect you and your audience.

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