Everybody has that uncle or grandpa who loves to tell stories at every family reunion; he'll tell compelling stories from back in his day about the cost of bread and milk, riveting war stories from Vietnam or WWII, or the story about how he met your grandma and fell in love with her (the one you heard a million times since you were a kid but you still love it anyway). If you notice your grandpa's story, the reason it's so compelling is because he makes you care. He makes you feel like you're the one storming the beach at Normandy or walking a mile and a half to school. He leaves nothing out but he doesn't include anything unnecessary. He shocks you with details, he builds suspense, he paints a mental image of what a beauty your grandma was at 22 years so you can picture her curls or her dress or the old Ford he picked her up in.

Your grandpa, is a great storyteller.

All your favorite movies, commercials, books, and tv shows are the result of great storytelling.

And at the heart of your school, business, organization, or cause is a great story. The Ripples in the Pond process is centered around drilling down on that story and what makes it great, then finding the best way to tell it. Your story is the foundation upon which we build your audience.

Learn more about the art of storytelling from one of the best in the business: Pixar's Andy Stanton .

Let us tell your story.

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