Creating Ripple Effects

If you read our Philosophy on the main page, you know that our name came from a philosophy our founder and CEO, John Mullany, has adopted in life and business. As a result we've made it our mission to help great brands, organizations, schools and businesses create ripple effects in their industries. Ripple effects can mean any number of things. To us, it means creating amazing video content that people will watch and share. It means cutting through the noise and telling a story that will resonate with your audience. For schools it can mean streamlining the admissions process, offering best in class academic curriculum, fielding competitive athletic teams and maintaining a state of the art campus. For businesses it can mean offering cutting edge products that solve real problems in the lives of their customers. For nonprofits it can mean making a real difference in the causes at the root of their mission. Whatever a ripple effect is for you, you can count on Ripples in the Pond to tell that story, professionally and effectively.

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